More Trouble for Target Shoppers

More Trouble for Target Shoppers

The fallout after the Target data breach continues.

The third largest retailer in the nation has announced that PIN numbers were part of the data that was stolen in a recent hack.  Customers who may have used their ATM or debit cards are urged to change their PINs.  You're also being asked to keep a close eye on your statements for any suspicious charges.

There are also worries that scammers might be using these events to steal personal information via email.

Megan Reed with the Sacramento Better Business Bureau said that you will usually be notified by a company of any breaches by a written letter,

"Even if it is an email they would be providing information to contact them some other way," she added.

She says that if you ever receive any questionable emails, you can always get confirmation by calling the company directly.

For more tips on avoiding scammers and keepings tabs on whether or not your account has been compromised click here.


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