Little League Lawsuit Update

Little League Lawsuit Update

The family being sued by a little league coach is now threatening to sue the coach if he doesn’t pay up with helping them on their legal fees. Former Granite Bay coach, Alan Beck, says he was injured after the little leaguer threw his helmet in the air and he’s filed suit against the 14-year-old player, the boys parents, and the Lakeside Little League for half a million dollars. Beck spoke to News10:

The parents say they have spent thousands of dollars in legal fees to defend themselves. Now they want the coach to pay them back. The teen’s attorney, James Donahue spoke to News10:

Now the coach says he won’t sue, he just wants an apology. If the coach does not want to pay the three-thousand dollars back for their legal fees, the family is asking the coach to donate that money to the little league.


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