Healthcare.gov Continues to Experience Glitches

Healthcare.gov Continues to Experience Glitches

The government's glitch-plagued healthcare website continues to have problems. 

A data center for healthcare.gov run by Verizon's Terremark went down Sunday, stopping online enrollment for all 50 states. 

Terremark acknowledged it was experiencing a connectivity issue. 

The connectivity problem not only affected healthcare.gov but also impacted similar sites operated by 14 states and the District of Columbia.

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President Obama says there's no need to worry about the launch of the Health Insurance Marketplace for the Affordable Care Act. 

In his weekly address Saturday, the President acknowledged the problems with the rollout of the Healthcare.gov website, but added people can also enroll by phone or by mail. 

In the GOP response, Representative Fred Upton of Michigan said it's important to determine what went wrong with the rollout of the healthcare website.


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