Dozens of Covered California Employees Have Criminal Pasts

Dozens of Covered California Employees Have Criminal Pasts

There's a chance you gave sensitive personal information to a convicted criminal if you signed up for health insurance with Covered California. 

Republicans in the California Legislature are now calling for an investigation into Covered California after the conservative publication National Review reported 43 felons as navigators -- the people who help you sign up for insurance.

The magazine quotes Covered California officials as saying the ex-convicts are not seen as a threat.

They make up about 1 percent of the total Covered California workforce, but in a letter to the state Assembly health committee, Assemblywoman Connie Conway wrote, "allowing these individuals access to information (like social security numbers) is like handing car keys to an auto thief."

Conway is among those calling for an investigative hearing.

Covered California Letter


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